What to expect

The initial process is simple:

  1. We chat about the details of your day (AKA the “Discovery Call”)

  2. We tell you we’re in! (Really, we go to the drawing board, start to put your details together and decide how we can match our services to best serve you)

  3. We chat with you about how we’ll make your day epic (This is where you fall in love with us, if you haven’t already of course)

  4. We start working straight away! (Well, first we make sure you get a quote with an agreement which includes all the things you need that made you fall in love with us)

Once our work has started, you can expect to meet once a month leading up to your event day. These touch-point meetings ensure all the specifics are in order and accounted for. NO STONE UNTURNED type of mentality, if you will.

We’ll also ask you to share all contact information for any vendors and venues you’ve contracted or secured so we can connect to learn how they work. We believe the best way to make certain of a flawless day is to be a team with the other professionals we’ll be working with.

About 45-30 days prior to your day, we’ll be in contact more often. We find the bulk hustle and bustle happens around this time, so it’s natural we’ll be in touch more frequently. Think quick emails and texts.

The week before and of your wedding, we’ll finalize checklists, timelines and button up any loose details. We’ll schedule a final walk through, rehearse your nuptials and have you so at ease, you’ll be lapping up the love and merriment at your rehearsal dinner.