What to expect

At absolutely NO COST and NO OBLIGATION, I offer up to up to 1 hr to consult with you about any concerns or questions you may have about your wedding. Through our conversation you can expect advice and tips to help you with your wedding planning.

Should you be interested in any of the services provided by events with a. starr, we'll discuss the areas of your wedding planning you'll need my assistance for. I will then produce a proposal with a breakdown of services and associated fees.

p.s. I always include a lil’ sumthin' special in all of my proposals {insert smiley face}.


Why hire me?

For so many reasons! But i want to keep this simple for you. The highlights, in bullet point form, should do it.

  1. Peace of mind - people who know me, know I am OVER PREPARED... a benefit for you! Read Whimsical Studios's blog, which not only shows off their impressive photos, but also captures what kind of 'peace of mind' I deliver.

  2. Details (...details, details) - my motto. All day, every day. So important for YOUR WEDDING. Can you just imagine not having your seating chart set out in time for your guests? Or uncle Herb being seated with aunt Bessy (they were divorced 15 yrs ago!) EEEK! not on my watch.

  3. Professional - I have very high expectations of myself and my work therefore, I want to be the BEST FOR YOU. I come with the attitude to achieve perfection and though I love to throw in a good chuckle, I portray nothing but sheer professionalism to, and for, my clients.

  4. Experience - starting off with a TRUE LOVE of all things "party", I believe, since i was born, for the past 20 yrs I have been actively hosting personal events for myself, family members and friends (including a wedding or two). Then, sprinkled throughout those years I held a position as the community event coordinator for a large retail chain, where I represented the store in their local community. I have also worked in catering and with other professional event planners.

  5. Thoughtful - this is something innate within me. It makes me incredibly happy to see others happy. Sounds sappy (now I'm rhyming!), but what I mean about this is my clients are my #1! Literally, picture me holding up the #1 Styrofoam finger, you know, the kind you get at a hockey or baseball game. Making your WISHES and DREAMS come true is my top priority and is all I can think about until your wedding day finally arrives.

Have questions? Want to know more about how my event planning services will make you the HAPPIEST PERSON on Earth? Let's chat!

Once you decide to be one of my clients (yippee!), I will start working immediately your wedding, should it be researching which vendors are right for your wedding, or connecting with the venue you already chose to go over your wedding wishes.