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About Amy

… and why we’d be best friends!

Hello! My name is Amy Starr and I am absolutely passionate about making my client's wedding day as it should be, without stress and PERFECTLY conducted from start to finish!!

I am originally from Mass, but have been living in CT since 2003'ish. I have 2 sisters, a 16.89 y/o old son (whom I'm so very proud of), a forever boyfriend (shocker!! I plan weddings, yet am not married lol), 3 nephews and 2 nieces (the most adorable you've ever seen, not biased!) and a princess kitty who rules the house (seriously!!). I love to laugh. Like a lot. Maybe too much??? Can there be too much laughter? I love to make people laugh. Ha! My mother has some great stories on this! I love a good beer, glass of wine or cocktail. I sometimes swear… let me not lie, I swear more than I should. I love all of the 4 New England seasons, even Winter. I'm not keen on people who drive too close to my bumper or those who cut the line. nor do I care for slugs or worms.

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  look at this face! you don't want this face on your wedding day! (me, taking care of it all for my very good friend's wedding)

look at this face! you don't want this face on your wedding day! (me, taking care of it all for my very good friend's wedding)

Anywho, for as long as I can remember, I have been MADLY in love with all things party! The designing, the planning, the setting up, the managing and coordination, the guest experience… I could go on and on! In the early 2000's I found myself in a very unique position at a large retail company as the Community Event Coordinator. Through this job I was exposed to, and gained experience with, planning and managing events, networking with high-profile city public figures and public speaking and presentations.

My first real-wedding experience was in 2013 for my sister and her now husband. I was part coordinator/manager and part maid-of-honor. There's a picture of me drenched in sweat from putting up a tent in the sweltering June heat… after my hair was done! I couldn't bare posting it though. because I loved my sister's wedding so much (a bit of sarcasm, just a weensy bit), I thought it would be a good idea to have another go in 2014. My best good friend (Forrest Gump reference here!) was getting married. Again, maid-of-honor and wedding coordinator/manager. In between then and now, I've hosted numerous personal parties for holiday's, and frankly, whatever excuse I can come up with.

In Oct 2017 I was asked to play the wedding manager (aka 'day of wedding coordinator') role for a friend's daughters' wedding. I literally JUMPED at the opportunity! It was this wedding that I decided to take the leap and launched events with a. starr, bringing my inner passion to a reality.

But enough about me, back to you! I can't wait to chat and hear all about YOUR WEDDING day!